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Andy and Cristi started this journey with a passion to help individuals achieve their goals and dreams. Realizing that most individuals lack the resources, knowledge, and support to reach their best fitness potential, they were inspired to launch Crown Fitness with the mission to Equip, Encourage, and Empower individuals.
The CROWN is the top or highest part of something... the pinnacle, the peak, the summit, the apex! At Crown Fitness, we want to help you reach your highest potential in fitness! The journey requires hard work and discipline, but why does that journey have to be difficult and lonely? We believe you can reach your physical fitness goals and dreams while having a coach to guide you, building relationships, and enjoying the process. Let us help you reach the top!
As avid mountain climbers, Andy and Cristi have a desire to help people reach their best potential in order to achieve their goals and dreams. While preparing for climbing Mt. Rainier, they realized how crucial it is to have support and encouragement while also setting some goals... and this was the birthplace of Crown Fitness.
Together, their desire is to provide the best opportunity for success to clients through outdoor group fitness. Additionally, they want to provide an opportunity for fitness professional to grow in their leadership, influence, and professional career.
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